Music, Lately

Everyone loves music, right? I love the way it connects and bonds even the most contrastive people. Admittedly, my taste in music is eclectic and ranges anywhere from moody John Mayer, to poppy Taylor Swift, Chance the Rapper and country hip thruster Luke Bryan. No matter the kind of music (maybe aside from death metal), one of my favorite things on earth is being outside, listening to live music with friends and a cold beer.

Maybe it’s because I’m a sensitive soul, was an English major or just a sucker for finding sentiment in anything, but I appreciate music for the way it allows artists to express themselves; I love listening to lyrics and analyzing what they mean. I love dancing like a fool and feeling the rush when your favorite song comes on. That feeling of pure excitement has little comparison, and reminds me almost of childhood; how the smallest joys can instantly change your mood.

Here are a few songs I’m into at the moment, if you’re looking for some new jams:

If you’re in the mood for a mellow love song: Upsidedown by Goldford. The lyrics are incredibly sweet, and this song will resonate with anyone whose feeling vulnerable in love lately. I mean, with lyrics like “Sometimes I need a light when the moon is low Sometimes I need some loving when my feelings show” and “I lean into your kiss for my sanity, So give me all your lovin for my vanity.” I can just imagine listening on a porch somewhere with a glass of wine as the sun goes down. Ahhh…

If you want to throw it back to ten years ago: Slow Dancing in a Burning Room by John Mayer. This past week was the 10 year anniversary of John Mayer’s 3rd album Continuum. John Mayer is one of, if not my favorite, artists of all time. I know he receives a lot of criticism for his personality and questionable interviews, but his extraordinary guitar playing and, of course, lyrics make him undoubtedly talented. Here is what John had to say while reflecting on the 10 year anniversary of Continuum:


Continuum turns 10 today… here I am a decade later in the same jacket I wore in the cover shot. I remember so much about this record. I remember cutting “I Don’t Trust Myself” and “Bold As Love” in NYC. I remember the Trio tour that divided the NY and LA portions of recording. I remember coming up with “Gravity” in the shower at the Four Seasons in LA and not looking up for a day while I wrote it. It was finished the next night. I remember telling Chad as I was writing a song that it sounded like two people “Slow Dancing in a Burning Room.” I remember the innocence, the discovery, and I remember the feeling of playing these songs night after night on tour and realizing they could hold up as both pop songs and guitar explorations. Lucky to have it and lucky to have you all as fans. More to come very soon. X JM

A fun, upbeat, party song: Kings of Summer by ayokay, Quinn XCII

Closer by the Chainsmokers, Halsey. I know what you’re thinking, and no I don’t like this song just because they reference Boulder in it, but I will admit when my friend told me I was excited 🙂 This song is another fun and upbeat party song that I can see myself singing along to with my besties down the freeway.

Fade Away by Rebelution. Earlier this Summer I went to two concerts at the Greek theatre… in one week. I went to Alabama Shakes on Saturday and Rebelution and The Green with my friend Tamara and her husband Daniel on Tuesday. I’ve been listening to Rebelution since college, and it’s always fun when artists try something new and deviate from their original sound. Granted it doesn’t always work, but this song has been on repeat since I heard it at the concert. As a Reggae Rock Band this song is more mellow than anything they’ve done in the past, but Rebelution nailed this one.

I hope you enjoy some of what I’ve been listening to lately, and have an awesome rest of your week! xo


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