Life, Lately

I’ve taken the last couple of weeks to resume normal life after Whole30. I’ve been adding back in foods and ingredients that I wasn’t eating (dairy, gluten, legumes, alcohol etc.) and have been adjusting pretty well. I did have ice cream a couple nights last week and woke up in the morning to find my hands were super.swollen. So weird, but that’s the only major difference I’ve noticed.

For the next couple weeks I’m laying low and gearing up for a trip to Thailand and Vietnam in Mid-March. It’s a small group of us from the Machu Picchu trek I did in 2015, and I’m SO FREAKING EXCITED. My friend Peggy should seriously quit her job and become a travel agent, as she has planned this entire trip for us and I couldn’t be more grateful. So I’m finally going to buy a real camera and download podcasts/books (recommendations are welcome!)

I recently discovered Fresh Air and I have to say I love Terry Gross. She has such a calm yet inquisitive interview candor that I feel makes the interview interesting and the interviewee comfortable. My favorite so far is an interview she did with Barry Jenkins and Tarrell McCranney (the director and playwright of Moonlight, respectively). I saw Moonlight a couple weeks ago and I’ve thought about it every day since; it’s left an impression on me that I can’t seem to shake. The film tells the story of Chiron, and his life in three different stages; all stories have profound layers of both pain and beauty, and themes and revelations about Chiron that all fold together so methodically at the end. If you have time, go see it before the Oscars- I think it will get a few surprise wins. That and Manchester by the Sea. While the circumstances and settings of both movies are starkly different, they are so very similar in telling stories of incomprehensible trauma and how we cope.

I realized earlier this week that I’ve seen 5 of the 9 Oscar nominated films for Best Picture: La La Land, Arrival, Hidden Figures, Moonlight and Manchester by the Sea. Hey, I had to do SOMETHING while I was on Whole30! Anyway, now I’ve made it my mission to see all 9 films before the Oscars on February 26th. I’m seeing Lion tomorrow, and will fit in the rest somehow this weekend/next week. Once I see all the movies, then I’ll give my predictions for wins 🙂


These are some cookies I made from Shalane Flanagan’s Run Fast Eat Slow cookbook. Majority of the recipes are gluten free and vegan, and these cookies were AMAZING.


I finally ran that half marathon I’ve been talking about repeatedly, and unexpectedly PR’d 🙂 My chip time was 1:55:49 and I’m really happy about it! The race started off a little slow (weaving in and out of crowds, deciding how hard I could push myself, etc.) but I found my bearings shortly after mile 2. Around mile 7 I realized I could PR, and miles 8-12 were on the great highway, so relatively flat and boring but I took advantage of the flat road. I PR’d by 2 minutes and was also really happy to see I had negative splits the whole race. Since I only trained for about 6 weeks, I’m going to contribute this Half’s success to Whole30


Enjoying a Mango IPA at Barrelhouse in SLO. I’m not one of those girls who “doesn’t drink beer” but I really have not been feeling it lately. But this Mango IPA is by far my favorite beer out there; it’s slightly sweet, light, and extremely tasty. If you’re ever taking a drive through the central coast I really recommend stopping for one.


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